RUTS North Ministry Support Matthew 28:30
Hundreds of racers and spectators participate in amateur races in Northern California. These motorcycle enthusiasts need to hear about Salvation through Jesus Christ. The RUTS North off-road motorcycle club brings the Gospel message to the races through pre-race prayers, Saturday evening chapel services, and personal relationships.
Financial support is needed to provide transportation to the races for the chaplains as well as to cover the expense of hosting the chapel services. The chaplains that serve at the races are members of RUTS North.
Many hear the Gospel message and commit their life to Christ through the RUTS North ministry. Many new Christians are thankful for the ministry.   Hearing about Jesus at a racing event is not what they expected, but they learn that He is what they've always needed.
Please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry. Your donation is tax deductible and we'll provide you with a receipt for your tax return.